St. Andrew’s Graveyard

The St. Andrew’s Graveyard project has two  strands.

Firstly to record and map out the graves and memorial stones in the graveyard before they deteriorate further, producing an on-line list of the people named, and developing a folder to be left in the Church as an aid for people who visit the Church to research their family history.

Secondly, the Society will produce a new guide for the Church that St. Andrew’s can use for fundraising.

Current progress has been slowed by the Covid-19 pandemic and other projects running concurrently, however it is hoped that we will soon be back on track.

This information-rich project will provide useful history for church-lovers, people researching their family history, villagers and history-lovers in general.

If you would like to help with this project, please contact the project lead, Carol Howell through the website.