POW Works In Mill Lane Bakery

Towards the end of World War Two, Fritz Stelter, a German soldier of the 277th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht), was a POW at the open prison at nearby Wootton.

Somehow Fritz was seconded or volunteered was to work at the Shepherdswell Bakery in Mill Lane and, in order to get too his place of work, Fritz was lent a bicycle by the baker, Mr Hood.

He obviously worked hard at the bakery and to celebrate Christmas, he was invited to join the baker and his family.

After repatriation the former prisoner of war kept in touch with the Hood family and regularly exchanged letters and Christmas cards up until he passed away in 2006.

The Old Bakery is still there to this day, on the corner of Moon Hill and Mill Lane, and the late wife of the owner was the daughter of Mr. Hood, the baker.

Fritz Stelter