Philip Goldfinch

Philip Goldfinch  1892 – 1915

Philip’s birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1892, in Dover, to parents Walter Pascall Goldfinch and Aurea (née Webb), sometimes also given as Auria or Anna in the records. 

Philip was one of nine children and lived at 32-33 Tower Hamlets Street in Dover for much of his younger life. His father was a butcher, as were at least three of his brothers, and this is what Philip also worked as. 

Somewhere between 1901 and 1911, Walter moved to 7 The Terrace, Shepherdswell, however in the 1911 Census, Philip was found with his brothers William and Arthur, and sister Florence at 32-33 Tower Hamlets Street. All three of the men were working as butchers and Florence was described as a helper. 

In 1913, Arthur had also moved to Shepherdswell as a butcher, and it is possible that Philip also came too. Philip was Arthur’s best man when he married in June 1913. The Dover Express (June 27th 1913) records that Philip, together with a Miss R Gladish (possibly his girlfriend), gave the happy couple a present of a pair of brass lamps. At this point, Walter and Aurea were, according to the Dover Express, living at Dunsdale in Shepherdswell, although the local directories state they were at 7 The Terrace. Arthur resided at Courtwood Villa, where there was a butcher’s shop for many years.

Philip joined the 63rd Field Bakery, Army Service Corps, with the service no. S4/091033 and became a corporal. Little is known about his service, however he was in Scotland when he died of pneumonia in the Stockhill Hospital in Glasgow on 27th November 1915, aged 23. His body was bought back down to Dover, where he was buried in Charlton Cemetery on 6th December.