18th Dover (Shepherdswell Scout Group) – 100year Timeline

Timeline commemorating 100 years of Scouting in the village

(Compiled by Sandra Langley)


  • Scout Master Mr Curtis
  • John Williams Joined the Scouts at age 11
  • 1919 22nd October Scouts gave a concert in St Andrews Hall assisted by Dover Gordon Boys Orphanage formerly 56 St James Street Dover (home for destitute boys from 8 years of age until able to work-they started a Troop in 1938
  • 1919 Carols sung in the village by the Scouts to raise money for the orphanage
  • 1919 28th November Shepherdswell Scouts helped as sub collectors to raise money for the Dover Royal Victoria Hospital
  • 1919 December -The Scout Troop participated in a Church Parade Service held for the Guides and Scouts.  It was reported that they mustered in large numbers and the Church was full.
  • 1919/20 Interviewed Mr John Williams- stated that he was a Scout in Shepherdswell at this time and attended a camp at Maidstone’s Moat Park.  A celebration for East Kent Girl Guides and Scouts.  It was a 2 day camp and Baden Powell was present.  There were 7 boys in the Troop.


  • 1920 19th May it was reported that two members of the Shepherdswell Troop helped to rescue a young girl from a river.
  • 1920 31st March Scout Flag dedicated by Rev.C. Compton
  • 1920 10th July Guide colours dedicated


  • 1927  Football – Shepherdswell Scouts defeated Tilmanstone Scouts 4-2
  • Scouts met in Fry’s Farm Stable with a room above after a shed by the Vicarage (where the new Vicarage is now)
  • 1927 –  Reverend Robinson Scout Master
  • 1927/8 Mr R. Mann known, as Bobby, Assistant Scout Master
  • 1927 Census 2 officers, 18 Scouts


  • Mr Billy Gare, Scout Master 1928/9
  • Miss Watson, Assistant Cub Mistress
  • Mrs Sandal, Cub Mistress
  • In January, a combined social for Scouts and Guides was held in St Andrews Hall 100 Scouts, Guides and Visitors were present
  • January Football – Shepherdswell Scouts lost to the Red Triangle Priory scouts playing in terrible conditions 
  • March – Football Won against Nonington Scouts by 6 goals
  • March – Football lost against Priory Scouts 4-0
  • May – The Rangers flag colours were dedicated in attendance was the DC of Scouts – Shepherdswell Scouts under the Rev. Robinson – members of the Mothers Union and the League of Womanhood
  • Census 1 Group S.M 1 Scout Master 21 Scouts 20 Wolf Cubs


  • February – A whist Drive & Dance was held in the Oast House? to raise funds for the scouts
  • September Boy Scouts and Girl Guides held a sports day at Shepherdswell


  • December Shepherdswell Scouts helped at the Hospital Pound Day
  • 1930’s -1940’s  Reverend Elliot Scout Master
  • 1930’s-1940’s Mr John Roberts Assistant Scout Master


  • February – Presentation made to the Reverend E.C. Robinson who was leaving the Parish – presentation made by cubs and scouts as a small token of their esteem
  • Camp at Eythorne breaking the flag ceremony (photo)-John Redman
  • John Redman Leader -1938 dates not confirmed (photo evidence)


  • April – Miss Doris Emily Watson  Leader of the Terrace married Mr Albert Victor Sandall 


  • June -Scout Master Mr Nash presided over a well-attended meeting of the Troop.  Mr Oswald Samson gave an instructive talk on scouting.


  • 1937-1940/45 (not confirmed) Scout Master was involved in building a HQ in an unknown location  Apparently squatters occupied Scout HQ during the war.
  • April –Scout Master Mr Cyril Nash announces a renewal of Scout activities and a Camp Fire was held to open the Summer Session
  • October- A report was made at the Annual General Meeting that the Scout Troop membership was 26
  • December- Mr Nash Group Scout Master reported that dates had been fixed for the Scouts to attend a monthly parade at the St Andrews Church Services.


  • July – A camp fire and activities were held under the supervision of Group Scout Master Mr H Nash as an end to the Summers meetings


  • May and June unwanted newspaper was given to the Scouts for fundraising by Ronald Gilham


  • May – Games and activities were held at Shepherdswell with Dover Sea and Air Scouts.


  • 1949-1955 Mr Lesley George Wooldridge was Scout Master and Group Scout Master (recorded in District ‘Woggle’ magazine December 1991)
  • March- Shepherdswell Scouts now met in the corrugated iron RED HUT at the rear of Vyes stores under Leader Mr L.G.Wooldridge
  • July – Shepherdswell Boy Scouts held a Grand Dance in the Village Hall with ‘Good Old Tyme Music’ with old and new dances hosted by Steve Folwell
  • August- A fund raising dance was held in the village hall hosted by the Steve Fowler Band 8-12 p.m. admission 2/-
  • 1949-1965 (not confirmed) Mrs Doris May Harvey Cub Mistress
  • Variety Show – Shepherdswell Scouts performed to raise money for their new hut the performance was held in the village hall. (no date recorded)
  • Census 1 Scout Master 10 Scouts


  • 1956 A wooden hut rented by Vye and son was used by the scouts 
  • 1956 Later the Green Goddess Nissan Hut situated on the Recreation Ground was donated to the Scouts by the Fire Brigade- stayed in use until Youth Opportunities build a hut on the rear of the building moving from the rear of the recreation ground from this date both buildings were in use until the current new HQ for Scouts and Guides was built knocking down both buildings in the process
  • 1957 Mr Robert Wooldridge, Scout Master. Although required to swop hats for new style berets the group kept the (B.P.Hats)
  • 1957-1962/3 Mr Peter Gilmore (Eastry) Scout Master 
  • 1958-1973  Mrs Mona Banks Assistant Cub Mistress/Cub Mistress
  • ? Mr Desmond James Edwards was Group Scout Master (dates unknown)


  • -1965 (start date unknown) Mrs Joan Steel Assistant Cub Mistress
  • ? -1973/6  Cub Scout Mistress – Mrs Hazel Flint 
  • Mr. John Banks – after a few months of inactivity Mr Banks took over the role as Scout Master for 3 Scouts (husband of Assistant Scout Master Mrs Mona Banks)  He was a member of the troop until he left the village after the war.  Their son is a Wolf Cub and daughter a Brownie.
  • Bazaar held in the scout hall where Barry Harvey, Eric Gardinge and Terence Grainger were thanked for their work in redecorating the hut.  One stall with articles made by the Cubs was called ‘we did our best’.
  • Census 3 Scouters 12 Wolf Cubs


  • Trek Cart – information provided by Mr Albert (Bert) Chapman about an ex GPO green wooden cart originally used as a telephone trolley.  The Shepherdswell Rover Scouts used to help out at the Kingsdown Camp Site and the trek cart was given to them by the Warden in recognition of all their help.  It was used by the Scouts to take equipment to camp and also by the Scouts and committee to collect jumble from around the village.  It was stored behind the Nissan Hut in Approach Road and moved to Mike and Sandra Langley’s garden for its protection for many years.  It was eventually restored by Mike Rook and is now on show in the Dover Transport Museum.  
  • 1966-1978 –Mr Albert Chapman Assistant Scout Master
  • HQ Nissan Hut funds were raised to recover the roof with felt and the inside decorated by Eric Gardinge Barry Howey Terence Grainger, committee and parent helpers.   A desperate appeal was also made for more funding for tents and camping equipment.
  • Mrs Harvey given a presentation by the Wolf Cubs


  • The Troop now numbered 14, (9 second class Scouts and 10 Leaping Wolves plus 22 Cubs).  WOLF CUBS are now called CUB SCOUTS.
  • Group Camp in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary Jamboree of the Scout movement
  • Big S Day on the recreation ground £30 raised – idea to show equipment bought from fund raising.  Dr Michael Hinton District Commissioner (latterly Father Michael in Shepherdswell Village for many years judged competitions).  Cub Scouts whittled and plaited and the winner of the whittling competition was Jim Weir, winner of the woggle making was Jeremy Blackman.
  • in the Group 14 Scouts 22 Cubs (no longer called Wolf Cubs) 9 are second class scouts 10 leaping wolves
  • Cub Leader M Banks Donald Stark Cub instructor and 15 year old Glyn Grainger – Chair Harry Quirk –committee Mr and Mrs Reg Grainger Mrs Barnes Mr John Weir Mrs Jewkes Mr KW Wills Mrs Shirley Stark Mrs V Errington Mrs Blackman Mrs Margaret Chapman (taken from committee minutes)
  • 1967/8 Village Cubs and Scouts had a float entitled ‘If you care drive with care’ (photos) 


  • 1969 6/12  at 3 p.m. the Scout Group celebrated 50th Anniversary of the founding of Scouting. The Rev. C. Martin dedicated the scout new colours (flags) – in attendance -note Mr W Hogben 64 years of age the  only remaining original troop member (village bootmaker) Cake decorated in the troop colours by Mrs J Wooldridge  – tea provided by the group committee and parent helpers and served by the Girl Guides   Awards presented to to Cubs and Scouts –Gary Foster – Jimmy Weir –David Banks – Stephen Quirk – Peter Walker –Anthony Banks – Paul Amos – Norman Errington.  Mr. D.Stubbs District Commissioner complimented Mr John Banks Scout Leader and Mrs Mona Banks Akela (Cub Scout Leader). He also presented a Scout Thanks Badge to Captain D Monk for services to the Troop.   A film show followed the party by Mr. M. Dodds.


  • 1970 8th May reported – Dover Express Shepherdswell Cubs won District Football winning 15/18 matches (photo).
  • 1970 May –  20 Cubs 2 from each of the ten Packs participating took part in Shepherdswell Field day activities consisting of a treasure trail and a sing song accompanied by a Cub guitarist from the 10th Dover.  Present were District Cub Leader Mrs Mary Little and Dover Football Club Manager Mr Terry Adlington to present the seasons champions cup to the Shepherdswell Cubs
  • 1971 Scouts A team win District 5-a-side Martyn Errington, Stephen Stark, Guy Wills, James Weir, Robert Stark,  (photo/newscutting)
  • 1972  October – Shepherdswell Scouts study the mechanics of a motor car for their mechanics badge (ten evening classes attended at Firestone Garage) – Scouts Chris Chapman, Stephen Quirk, Jimmy Weir, Martyn Errington, John Banks Scout Leader.


  • 1973 –March – Mrs M Banks announces she wishes to retire as Cub Mistress – new leaders needed her helper her Venture Scout Son due to join the Merchant Navy in June/July.    Currently Group Scout Master Mr J Banks and assistant Mr Bert Chapman .
  • 1973/1976 Mrs Rosemary Saunders Group Treasurer and Mother Helper (Encouraged Mike and Sandra Langley to become leaders when they moved into the village)
  • 1973/6 Mrs Judith Vine Mother helper and committee.

1974 -1975

  • 1974/1978? Mr Bob Hannaford Scout Leader
  • 1975/1981 Mrs Jill Rook Cub Scout Leader followed by ADC Cubs/District Commissioner /Beaver Scout Leader 1989

1976 – 1977- 1978

  • 1976/1978 Mrs Carole Brimson, Assistant Cub Scout Leader
  • 1977/1996 Mrs Sandra Langley various roles – Assistant Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Leader/ Assistant Scout Leader/Assistant Venture Scout Leader/Group Chair  – Catering Leader Wiltz district camp
  • 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee Shepherdswell Cubs had a float
  • 1977/1981 Mr Graham Vine Cub Scout Instructor
  • 1978 March Cubs lost football against 10th Dover 6-0 defeat
  • 1978 Mr Michael Langley; Scout Leader 6th Dover Whitfield from 1975 until taking over Shepherdswell Scouts 1978-1994 – Group Scout Leader District Scout Leader – In charge of Wiltz camp – Awarded Chief Scouts commendation and Medal of Merit for outstanding service to Scouting
  • 1978 Mr Geoff Chapman Scout Helper (parents Bert and Marjorie Chapman formerly Assistant Scout Leader)
  • 1978 Capel Cub Camp
  • 1978 Footpath clearance – Eythorne to Shepherdswell –  Scout troop and 4 Cubs undertaking their World Conservation badge plus 6th Whitfield Scout Group


  • 1979 District Cross Country – Cubs Overall winners; Scouts runners up – John Hamilton won an individual award-representing the District in County at Tunbridge Wells
  • 1979 Scout Troop reformed.  Group Scout Leader, Mr Michael Langley. Assistant Leaders Mr Brian Hext, Mr Tony Henneberry /helpers Mr Barry and Mr Medgett.  April 13th Mrs Sandra Langley appointed Assistant Scout Leader. (the first female Scout Leader to be appointed in Dover District)
  • 1979 Scout Camp Westcourt Farm. Leader Mike Langley
  • 1979 Trip to London Cutty Sark and Scout shop – helper Geoff Chapman
  • 1979 Scout Fete – Cubs 3rd place in the It’s a Knockout competition held in Pencester Gardens 
  • 1979 Broadstone Warren Camp both Cubs and Scouts Leaders Jill Rook Cubs, Mike Langley Scouts
  • 1979-1981 Robin Ruck Venture Scout Leader
  • 1979 Venture group started 6th September – Geoff Chapman David Wells Mary Anne Jardine Becky?
  • 1979 PL/APL training at Westcourt Lane
  • 1979 Venture Scouts to Lake District November– Leader Robin Ruck
  • 1979 Cubs runners up in District League competition
  • 1979 Bumper Jumble Sale in Scout Nissan Hut – £150.95 raised
  • 1979 Fears raised over the condition of the Groups Nissan Hut and funds required to repair/replace
  • 1979 Scouts cleared rubbish etc. from Puckland Wood amid fears it would be used as a unauthorised site
  • 1979 Scouts undertook a Litter Sweep of the recreation ground and village lanes raising £150 for scout equipment
  • 1979/2005 – Carole White held various roles across the years – Mother helper/ Cub Scout Instructor (Chil) Assistant Beaver Leader Group Scout Leader 
  • 1979/1981 Mrs Valerie Medgett Mother helper/swimming helper
  • 1979 – 30th November – public meeting held in village hall to discuss future of unused pavilion on the recreation ground  – after much debate and controversy the Pavilion was handed over to the Scout Group to dismantle rebuild and maintain with their own funds – which successfully happened.
  • 1979 Census 1 GSL 3 Scouters 2 Instructors – 24 Cubs 22 Scouts


  • 1989 PLANS PASSED for old Pavilion to be demolished and reinstated behind the Nissan Hut
  • Parents and associates who helped with the construction/admin/of new Scout HQ formerly Pavilion (I hope I have not forgotten anyone-apologies – let me know)

Tom McArdle/Dave Todd/Mike Rook/Mike Langley/Graeme Boxall/Barry Crush/Malcolm Conyers/Gerry Langley/John Price/Tony Carter/Derek Friend/Tony White/Roland Lovell/Terry Balfour/Chris Burns/Bert Cornelisse/John Roberts/Morris Friend/Martin Archbold/

 –plus KENT Youth Opportunities programme division Key Enterprise for Youth Members –lads run by Ken Miles and Bill Spurgeon

Especially – John Pateman Building Supervision from onset of work

Reg Fry Building Maintenance from 1984

Peter Champion Building Maintenance HQ from 1984

  • 1980 Path laying for Shepherdswell council 
  • 1980 Cross Country Cubs 1st place
  • 1980 Dover District Scouts 5-a-side – semi finalists
  • 1980/1983/1996? Mr Graeme Boxall Assistant Scout Leader/Cub Chess Instructor
  • 1980 Mrs Ann Boxall Assistant Cub Scout Leader 1980/2 
  • 1980/1981 David Nuttall Venture Scout Leader until Robin Rucks return this year)
  • 1980 Census – 4 Scouters 31 Cubs 21 Scouts 6 Venture Scouts


  • 1981 Mr Peter Barratt Assistant Scout Leader Previously with Mike Langley at 6th Dover
  • 1981 “the Golgotha’ Scout Magazine started in the Village – congratulations given in the Parish magazine
  • 1981 11/4 Dover District Swimming Gala Cubs 4th place  relay 3rd place 
  • 1981 Dover District Swimming Gala Scouts  4th place
  • 1981 Cub Scout Challenge 6th place
  • 1981 March -Jill Rook Cub Scout Leader retires and becomes Assistant District Commissioner Cubs, followed by Dover District Commissioner.  Sandra Langley takes over the role as Cub Scout Leader. Assistant Cub Leader Mrs Ann Boxall
  • 1981 – onwards Graeme Boxall taught and trained Cubs in Chess
  • 1981 Cub Tramp Supper
  • 1981 Mums versus Cubs football game 
  • 1981 Scout Camp Broadstone Warren Leader Mike Langley
  • 1981 Cub Camp Broadstone Warren Leader Sandra Langley
  • 1981 Cub cross country 2nd place
  • 1981 Footings for new Scout Group HQ behind Green Goddess Nissan HUT
  • 1981/2 District Census total membership 57
  • 1981 AGM report 30 Cubs 16 Scouts Ventures 6


  • 1982 Cub Scout Venture HQ opening party
  • 1982 District Emden Shield Scouts 7th place  3rd place 
  • 1982 Cubs runners up district football A league
  • 1982 Cubs runners up District cross country
  • 1982 District Swimming Gala Cubs runners up Scouts 3rd place Group 3rd place
  • Cub District Challenge (Jungleava) 4th place
  • 15/3/1982  8.30 p.m. New HQ opened by Frank Mummery Chair of Shepherdswell Parish Council –plaque unveiled in the HQ (unsure if still available to view since the next HQ built) Blessing of HQ by the Rev. Hugh Mansfield Williams.   Simon Rook was awarded the Chief Scouts Award
  • 1907-1982 ‘the Year of the Scout’   celebrations world wide badges made
  • 1982 Scouts District Patrol Leaders Training Course
  • 1982 Cub Camp Blitsditz Capel
  • 1982 Cub Hub Kingsdown (Cubs dressed as a Pack of Cards costumes made by many mum helpers at the time) – 3rd Place
  • 1982 Family Camp Kingsdown
  • 1982 Dover District Camp Luxembourg Wiltz Shepherdswell Leaders led the camp and Shepherdswell Scouts participated.
  • 1982 Jubica Jamboree
  • 1982 District Swimming Gala Cubs runners up Scouts 3rd place Group 3rd overall 
  • 1982 Hugh South Cub won the Pack whizz wheel competition
  • 1982 Mr Jeremy Wilkes Scout Leader 1982/1983
  • 1982/1984 Daphne Ashby Assistant Cub Scout Leader – left to become Cub Scout Leader – River Pack
  • 1982 Ann Boxall ACSL retired
  • 1982/1985 Mr Tom McCardle warranted instructor sports
  • 1982  19th May -Joint Cub/Scout/Venture Scout meeting in the new HQ
  • 1982 AGM report 29 Cubs 22 Scouts 
  • 1982 Venture Unit run by Michael and Sandra as lack of leaders


  • 1983 District Commissioner warns that lack of leaders could lead to group closing –leader required to stand in for Sandra and troop assistant leaders  
  • 1983/1995 Jane Rolfe (Bagheera) Assistant Cub Scout Leader
  • 1983 River leaders come to the rescue -Alan Lanceley standing in for Sandra Langley on maternity leave 
  • 1983 Cub visit to Dover Fire Station
  • 1983 Adrian Newell Scout Leader
  • 1983 District Emden Shield 1st place Guy South Andrew Burns Richard Bolton Mark Chandler
  • 1983 Cross Country Scouts 1st place Cubs runners up
  • 1983 Dover District Swimming Gala Cubs relay 4th place overall 3rd place  Scouts relay 3rd place Group 2nd place
  • 1983 Cub Scout Brownie/Guide Christmas Party
  • 1983/1985 Mrs Dawne McCardle Mother helper Cubs
  • 1983/1985 Mr Terry Balfour Warranted Instructor sports
  • 1983/1985 Mrs Mavis Champion Mother helper
  • 1983/1985 Mrs Lynn Burns Mother helper – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader 1989/1992
  • 1983 Census 4 Scouters 2 Instructors 28 Cubs  24 Scouts


  • 1984 Daphne Ashby ACSL left
  • 1984 Tony White retiring Chairman presented with Scouting Thanks Badge
  • 1984Swimming Gala Group 1st place  Cubs 2nd place Scouts 2nd place
  • 1984 Cub Cross Country 1st place
  • 1984 Mike Rook Venture Scout Leader Mrs Jardine assistant
  • 1984 Scout Camp New Forest – Adrian Newell
  • 1984 Emden Shield – 1st 2nd 3rd places  Guy South David Groombridge Hugh South Andrew Burns David Stebbings Andrew Brown Noel Loughran Michael Brown Andrew White Luke Welti Matthew Brown Julian Crush
  • 1984 District Cubs football runners up
  • 1984 Census 6 Scouters 4 Instructors 32 Cubs 24 Scouts 


  • 1985 Ross Wood Cub Camp Sandra Langley Pirates theme – helpers Chris Andrews Maureen Groombridge Mavis Champion Lynne Burns
  • 1985 Cub and Scout Activity Day West Hougham 
  • 1985 District Cub Cross Country 7th place Scouts 3rd place
  • 1985 District Cub Bench presented to Dover town (it took 3 years for the movement to persuade Dover District Council to accept the seat)
  • 1985 Chief Scouts Commendation presented to Michael Langley
  • 1985 Scouts evening – Link and Chief Scouts Challenge – Scout Leader Adrian Newell and District Commissioner Mrs Jill Rook presented to–Andrew Burns Andrew Brown Simon Pateman Guy South awarded the award belt buckle and certificates   Leaders in the group photograph Mike Langley Group Scout Leader, Adrian Newell Scout Leader Assistant Scout Leader Peter Groombridge Cub Leader Sandra Langley Assistant Cub Leader Jenny Henwood Steven Gilham Venture helper Anna Stebbins    
  • 1985 19th April Shepherdswell Scouts cleaned cars in the school playground and the Happy Eater on the A2 Cubs cleaned shoes for ‘job week”
  • 1985/Dec 1993 Jenny Henwood (Kaa) Assistant Cub Scout Leader
  • 1985/1986 Steve Gilham Assistant Cub Leader
  • 1985 Anna Stebbings Cub Instructor 
  • 1985 Census 6 Scouters 3 Instructors 32 Cubs 26 Scouts


  • 1986  Lions Challenge competition started by Mike Langley and the Dover Lions Group  Shepherdswell won 1st place Andrew Brown Guy South Hugh South  and 3rd place Michael Brown David Groombridge David Stebbings
  • 1986 District Scout Emden Shield 2nd place
  • 1986 Adrian Newell retired 
  • 1986/1995 Peter Groombridge Scout Leader –formerly Assistant Scout Leader –latterly Venture Scout Leader Group Scout Leader
  • 1986 Cross Country Cubs 1st place Scouts Runners up
  • 1986 5th July Group trip to London Zoo 
  • 1986 Scout Camp


  • 1987 Cub Challenge Jungleava 1st place   (McDonalds treat for the winners) Ben Hunt Ian Groombridge Stuart Bonnage James Chandler Martin Hatton Daniel Crush
  • 1987 Broadstone Warren Cub Camp Team Sandra Langley Mike Langley Carole White Jenny Henwood Anna Stebbings Jane Rolfe Maureen Groombridge Chris Andrews
  • 1987 Cross Country Cubs runners up
  • 1987 Dover District Swimming Gala Scouts 2nd place  Cubs 5th place Group overall 3rd place
  • 1987 Scout Petra boat camp
  • 1987 November  HURRICANE -Shepherdswell Ventures and Scouts along with Chairman Barry Crush, Group Scout Leader Michael Langley and Peter Mummery and tractor  helped remove the debris from the old Turkey Oak on the Village Green. They next moved to Sandra and Michael Langley’s house and helped to remove the trees that had fallen from their garden across the road.  They were joined by other parents and their help was really appreciated by Mike and Sandra.
  • 1987  September -Joint Brownie and Cubs Camp Fire recreation ground
  • 1987 Census 7 Scouters 2 Instructors 30 Cubs 25 Scouts


  • 1988 August Sandra Langley presented with the Chief Scouts Scouting Medal of Merit for outstanding services to the movement
  • 1988 Hackney Link
  • 1988 Dover District Swimming Gala Cubs 3rd place
  • 1988 Dover Distict Cross Country Cubs 5th place 
  • 1988- tbc Edwin Theobold Assistant Scout Leader/Assistant Venture Leader


  • 1989 Dover District Cub Challenge Jungleava 1st Place Peter Warren Ben Freebury Michael Goodbun Alistair Williams Andrew Ribbons Sebastian Gough
  • 1989 Dover District Swimming Gala Cubs 3rd place Group overall 4th place
  • 1989 Dover District Cub Cross Country 6th place
  • 1989 AGM Medal Of Merit presented to Sandra Langley Cub Scout Leader (Akela) for outstanding services to scouting by Mr Brian Drury District Commissioner.  Mike Langley Group Scout Leader was presented with a 15 year long service certificate to scouting.  Scout leader Peter Groombridge  also gave a report stating 25 Scouts  and Venture leader Nigel Biller stating 10 members .  Barry Crush Chairman, retiring treasurer Liz Clarke and Secretary Linda Friend.
  • 1989 Beavers Started –Jill Rook Beaver Leader Assistant Leaders Carole White  Lynne Burns 
  • 1989/1992 Joan Warren Beaver helper
  • 1989 Committee annual fireworks display on the recreation ground and Jumble Sale
  • 1989/1992 ? Mr Brian Hext Assistant Scout Leader
  • 1989/1992 ? Mr Tony Henneberry Scout Helper 


  • 1990 June Cub Camp Ross Wood team -Leader Sandra Langley helper Sue Thatcher 1991/2 “”     “” helper Mrs Coates  Mrs Kennedy Mrs Lewis Assistant Cub Leaders Carole White Jane Rolfe Jenny Henwood
  • 1990 District Scout Emden Shield Bulldogs 3rd place Buffaloes 2nd place Badgers 1st place
  • 1990 Dover District Cub Cross Country 7th place Scouts winner under 13’s
  • 1990 Cub Challenge Jungleava 8th place
  • 1990/1992 tbc Colin Hartridge  Swimming helper/Assistant Scout Leader / Scout Leader
  • 1990 Mrs Marion Lewis and Mrs Lesley Coates swimming trainers
  • 1990 Uniform change – no longer uniform hats and berets – cubs now wear sweatshirts instead of jumpers
  • 1990 Census 7 Leaders 1 Instructor 18 Beavers 23 Cubs 23 Scouts


  • 1991 Gilwell Cub Day
  • 1991 Cub Challenge 1st place Michael Hartridge Andrew Cordiner Alex Langridge Alex Gough David Parker James Langley
  • 1991 Scout Camp Thriftwood Brentwood
  • 1991 Cross Country Cubs 3rd place Scouts overall winners
  • 1991 Cub Camp Ross Wood leaders/helpers as 1990


  • 1992 May 9th World’s Biggest Tea Party as the Cub Scout Promise  (Bronze Certificate awarded by Garth Morrison (Chief Scout) Carried out on the recreation ground in the new Marquee (100 people braved the rain to attend)
  • 1992 Capel Blitsditz camp 
  • 1992 Cross Country Cubs Runners up Scouts winners Cub team  under 9 years James Langley 4th David Ruthwell 7th Michael Green 9th Peter Ruthven 11th  Under 10 years Alex Langridge 11th Ben Dodridge 13th Matthew Weston 17th Alex Gough 28th  Over 10 years Thomas Thatcher 8th Peter Wright 1th Martyn Ring 15th  
  • 1992 Scout Cross Country under 13’s Sam Mummery Daniel James Robert Parker over 13’s winners Stuart Bonnage Mark Tillyard David Burnham Group overall winners
  • 1992 Cub Camp Downe
  • 1992 Scout Camp North Wales Nachynlleth  
  • 1992 Venture Scouts participated in the National Spring Clean Up clearing litter from the lanes between Shepherdswell and Coldred – 19 sacks of rubbish was collected
  • 1992- Reported in the Dover Express that Patrick Harvey who was involved in scouting in Shepherdswell Dover alongside his mother Mrs Doris Harvey since 1949 was awarded the Medal of Merit by Australian Scouts where he is now Group Scout Leader.
  • 1992 Jane Hartridge Swimming helper/scout camp helper
  • 1992/3 Mr Kevin Blogg Assistant Scout Leader
  • 1992 Group trip to Crabble Corn Mill
  • 1992 Beaver Colony closes Mrs J. Rook and Mrs J Warren retire


  • 1993 Cross Country Cubs 1st place 9 years Group 1st place overall Scouts winners of under 13’s
  • 1993 Broadstone Warren Cub Camp (Land that time forgot)–Team-Sandra Langley Carole White Jenny Henwood Jane Rolfe Andrew Thatcher Mark Tillyard Lesley and Peter Coates
  • 1993 Cub distrct chess competition won by Alex Langridge Shepherdswell Cubs
  • 1993 Scout camp at Detling
  • 1993 Sandra Langley Cub Scout Leader presented with 15 years’ service award (late)
  • 1993 Mike Langley presented with the Chief Scouts Medal of Merit for outstanding services to Scouting
  • 1993 Mark Tillyard awarded the Chief Scouts Challenge
  • 1993 Emden Shield 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
  • 1993 Liz Clarke retiring treasurer  awarded Thanks Badge 
  • 1993 New Cub Flag dedicated at Church St George’s Day Service
  • 1993 Census 8 Leaders 4 Instructors 23 Cubs 21 Scouts 3 Ventures


  • 1994 26/2  4-8.30  75 years of Scouting Celebrations in the Village Hall for all Scout Group members, past leaders and helpers and current leaders and helpers, committee, many welcome guests–see separate sheets on activities and events to celebrate Leaders from years ago – Jill And Mike Rook – John Banks Mona Banks Albert Chapman Peter Gilmore – Scout President, Jack Hewitt ex Chairpersons – Roger Vine Barry Crush Tony White Roger Green present Chairperson Chris Burnham Father Michael Hinton.  Current leaders and helpers Janet Robson Peter Groombridge Colin Hartridge Maggie Tillyard Graham Tillyard Valerie Medgett Jane Hartridge Marion Lewis  Maryanne Green Neil Medgett Celia Cotton Roger Lewis Tony James Jeremy Wilkes Jane Rolfe Carole White Edwin Theobold Mike and Sandra Langley Ventures Mark Tillyard Elizabeth Archbold Ian Tillyard
  • 1994 Romania Cub fund raising night – Cubs played instruments/sang songs / carried out gang show jokes and sketches for family and friends
  • 1994 Scout Emden Shield 1st Daniel James Andrew Lewis Alex Langridge David Parker Phillip Moody  2nd 4th places
  • 1994 Appeals made for additional leaders made-retirement of Cub Scout Leader Sandra Langley and Group Scout Leader Mike Langley
  • 1994 Scout Camp at Detling
  • 1994  The Ian Langley shield presented to the Cub Pack in his memory by his Mother Mrs Kath Langley- the shield to be presented every year by her –the first winner – Timothy Goodall
  • 1994/1995  Gill Goodall took over the role as Cub Scout Leader in a temporary capacity
  • 1994 March – Venture Scouts Ian Tillyard, Hannah Mummery, Elizabeth Archbold, Penny Button invested on the P@O Ferry Pride of Kent mid channel
  • 1994 Census 6 Leaders 5 Instructors 22 Cubs  19 Scouts 7 Ventures
  • 1995/1996/1997/1998
  • 1995 Mrs Mo Gooda took over the role of Cub Scout Leader following the resignation of Cub Scout Leader Gill Goodall
  • 1995 Scout Camp 2 mile Bottom Thetford Norfolk-Peter Groombridge-Colin Hartridge –Kevin Blogg
  • 1996 Scout Camp Wrekin Shropshire
  • 1997 Godewaerslade Annual Scout camp Scout Leaders Colin Hartridge /helpers Robin DOdridge Jane Hartridge Graham Tillyard Maggie Tillyard 
  • 1998 Scout Isle of Wight Camp 
  • 1998 Scout Lions Challenge Shepherdswell won the 13th Challenge competition – David Ruthwell Michael Green Russell Williamson Paul Evans 
  • Shields presented to the Group – Scouts by Mike Langley – Cubs by Sandra Langley – Cubs by Kath Langley in memory of her son ex Cub Ian Langley – cannot be found by current leaders in the group
  • 1999 Scouts 29/05 – 04/06 2 Mile Bottom Breckland District Scout Camp
  1. Years of Scouting in Shepherdswell 
  • 2000 01/04, Scouts 3rd place Swimming Gala relay, the Group had 2nd place

27/05 – 02/06 Ferny Crofts Scout Camp

  • 2005 Scout Camp Biblins, Yorkshire, Ross om Wye (28/05 – 03/06)

Additional Facts – there are gaps – I have tried to obtain up to date information – sadly very little has been given to me- below are odd facts – names etc.  if anyone can fill gaps-add more- please let me know for this timeline  Sandra Langley

  • 2009 New HQ built -2009 now used by the Scout and Guide Groups


  • Mrs Janet Robson Assistant Cub Scout Leader – start/end dates?
  • Mrs Julia Perfect Cub Scout Leader/Group Scout Leader –start end dates?
  • Mr Bob Perfect Scout Leader as above?
  • Mrs Amanda Fordham Beaver Leader – start/end dates?
  • Penny Harman Cub Scout Leader start date- 2005?
  • Linda McLester Beaver Leader start/end dates?
  • Carol Errington Chair – Start/end Dates?