1891 Census Page 19 – Shepherdswell
No Name of Street/House A B C Name & Surname of each Person Relation to Head D M F Profession or Occupation E G H Where Born I
110 Halfway Street     4 Henry Hogben Head M 47   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Westcliffe  
          Jane Hogben Wife M   42         Kent, Coldred  
          Eliza Hogben Daughter S   14         Kent, Coldred  
          Ann M Hogben Daughter S   17 General Servant (Domestic)       Kent, Shepherdswell  
111 Halfway Street 1   4 Henry Sheaff Head M 53   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Susannah Sheaff Wife M   50         Kent, Hougham  
          George Sheaff Father W 77   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Nonnington  
112 Halfway Street 1     George J Seath Head M 40   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Wootton  
          Mary A Seath Wife M   38         Suffolk, Covehithe  
          George Seath Son S 15           Kent, Wootton  
          Ada R Seath Daughter     6         Kent, River  
          Edith J Seath Daughter     2         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          John Fuller Lodger S 46   Farm Labourer   X   Kent, Wootton  
113 Halfway Street 1   4 William P Stone Head M 49   Baker       Kent, Barham  
          Elizabeth Stone Wife M   46         Kent, Dover  
          William J Stone Son S 19   Baker’s Assistant       Kent. Dover  
          Henry Stone Son S 15   Grocer’s Assistant       Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Lydia R Stone Daughter S   13         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Thomas Stone Son   11   Scholar       Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Frederick Stone Son   8           Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Charlotte A Stone Daughter     6         Kent, Shepherdswell  
114 Linden Cottage 1     John M Smith Head W 86   Retired Farmer       Kent, Margate  
          Fanny Smith Daughter S   48         Kent, Eastry  
115 Halfway Street 1     Edward Fright Head M 58           Kent, Minster  
          Ann Fright Wife M   59         Kent, Monkton  
116         Walter Ashdown Head M 28   Gardener   X   Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Elizabeth Ashdown Wife M   28         Kent, Dover  
          Ellen E Ashdown Daughter     3         Kent, Shepherdswell  
117 Halfway Street 1   4 Robert Pemble Head M 67   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Ash  
          Mary Pemble Wife M   63         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Ann Kenton Mother-in-law W   84         Kent, Shepherdswell