Thursday April 25th, 2020

The war in Dhofar (Oman) (1965 – 10975) has been described as Britain’s ‘unknown’ war.

It involved a relatively small number of military personnel but was significant from the point of view of British influence in the Middle East.

The war is also an important part of history of the RAF and Special Air Service (SAS). Military historians have written about a ‘triumphant success’ for counter-insurgency methods.


In an illustrated talk, Shepherdswell’s Mark Watson will outline the origins of the war, the Battle of Mirbat (1972), the contribution made by British officers on ‘loan service’, as well as Iranian and Jordanian involvement between 1972 and 1975.

Mark has a personal connection with this history and flew in the fixed and rotary winged aircraft which had a decisive impact on the war’s outcome.

Mark’s talk will be held in Shepherdswell Village Hall and starts at 7.30pm.

Entry is only £3. Members free.