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Issue One Vol. 2021

Welcome to Issue 1 of the History Society’s 2021 newsletter, intended to keep members and friends fully up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes while we are unable to hold our regular meetings.


Member’s Nights

Starting this month, the Society will start broadcasting short presentations about local history for all to see.

January’s programme is about an unwelcome visitor. There will be a follow-up discussion online on Zoom.

More details soon via our website, Facebook page, Shepherdswell News and Coldred Facebook pages. 


December Report

As last month, the work done by the Committee has been largely focused on Three Barrows Down. More news on this to follow soon.


100 Years Ago

Jean Wooldridge has provided us with more news articles, two of which follow on from previously published articles in our Newsletters.

The first article is taken from the Correspondence Section of the Dover Express, dated the 7th January 1921, and follows on from the fire at Sibertswold Place. 

This article highlights the often questioned fact that most of the first miners to move down to work at Snowdown did live in Shepherdswell



This article is from the same edition of the Dover Express and shows the new and thriving Men’s Club holding a whist drive and dance.

It does not say where this was held, only that it was in Shepherdswell. Probably at St. Andrews Village Hall.


This is from the Dover Express dated the 21st January 1921 and shows and advertisement for the wife of the village Gentleman Farmer and author, Richard Higgs. 



This month, a timely crossword, NOT cryptic. The first person to correctly complete it and send it to or drop it through my letterbox at 47 Westcourt Lane wins a box of chocolates.  

Last month’s winner was Jan Griffin with the winning word, shepherdswho took home a tub of Roses for Christmas.




Are you doing any research at the moment or do you want to start?

It would be great if you had something to share and if you want some help starting or help along the way, we have some gifted minds who might be able to help. So just ask.


This Month’s Photo & Quote

This month’s photograph was taken sometime in the 20th century and shows the interior of St. Andrews Church, Shepherdswell.

If anyone can put a date to this photo it would be very helpful. There are some obvious clues given the state of some of the walls and the hanging lamps. 


“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.”

Lord Acton 


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