Shepherdswell & Coldred History Society was formed in May 2014.

We are a heritage group that collects information and archives for the village of Shepherdswell, near Dover, along with the neighbouring village of Coldred.

We have an increasing number of archives that include several hundred local images and photographs, which we have copies of in original and digital formats. To add to our archives we have been starting to collate oral history interviews with some of the local residents, who have lived in the area for many years.

There have been changes to the area with the main difference being the closure and disappearance of Tilmanstone Colliery, which was one of the main four collieries that was part of the Kent Coalfield.

In 2014, we produced our first local heritage book to show how the local area of Eythorne, Elvington and Waldershare have changed over the years. The book titled ‘A Pictorial History of Eythorne and Elvington (with Waldershare and Tilmanstone Colliery)’ has been well received by many of the local residents and also those people, who may have been born and lived in the area, but have since moved away. The book has allowed people to reminisce and helped residents recall and chat about their memories of how they remember the area when they were growing up.

In 2015 we produced our first calendar that included vintage images of local views of the area in Eythorne, Elvington, Waldershare and Tilmanstone Colliery.

It is an informal group of current and past residents who are interested in the long and varied history of the area, from the Bronze Age to the Second World War, and everything else in between.

We meet regularly for informal meetings, presentations and expert talks, guided walks and exhibitions.

Whether you’re interested the history of your house or the much bigger picture of the villages throughout time, we have something to interest everyone.