Here you will find the 1891 Census Record for Coldred and Shepherdswell, it has been fully transcribed. The only corrections are in some placenames. Names have not been altered and those that we couldn’t transcribe will have question marks instead of letters. The columns are in the same order as they would appear in the original Census for 1891. Some of the Headings have been replaced by letters to conserve space. The columns and the letters that apply are as follows  –

No.=Schedule Number, Name of Street/House, A=Inhabited, B=Uninhabited, C=Number of Rooms Occupied if less than Five, Name and Surname of each Person, Relation to Head of Family, D Condition as to Marriage, M & F=Gender and Age last Birthday, Profession or Occupation, E=Employer, G=Employed, H=Neither Employer nor Employed, I=Where Born, If Deaf and Dumb/Blind/Lunatic or Imbecile.

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