1891 Census Page 12 – Shepherdswell
No Name of Street/House A B C Name & Surname of each Person Relation to Head D M F Profession or Occupation E G H Where Born I
64 Church Hill 1     Stephen R Chase Head M 56   Bootmaker X     Kent, Northbourne  
          Frances Chase Wife M   56         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Mary E Chase Daughter S   23         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Susanna Kingsford Visitor W   71 Nurse       Kent, Shepherdswell  
65 Church Hill 1   4 Richard Rogers Head M 44   Farm Labourer   X   Kent, Lydden  
          Jane Rogers Wife M   40         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Harriet Sheaff Mother-in-law W   78         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Henry Rumbold Lodger S 73   Blacksmith   X   Kent, Barham  
66 Church Hill !     William T Gilham Head M 37   Railway Platelayer       Kent, Buckland  
          Fanny Gilham Wife M   36         Kent, Folkestone  
          Ernest C Gilham Son S 11   Scholar       Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Elizabeth J Gilham Daughter     8 Scholar       Kent, River  
67 Church Hill 1   2 Eliza Willmott Head W   71         Kent, Chillenden  
68 Church Hill 1     Mildred Ayers Head W   38 Pork Butcher X     Kent, Elham  
          Ellen Groombridge Niece     8         Kent, Dover  
          Amy Tritton Servant S   14 General Servant (Domestic)       Kent, Folkestone  
          Frederick Ellen Servant S 23   Pork Butcher   X   Kent, Hawkinge  
69 Church Hill 1     Edward P Friend Head S 39   Boat – Timber Maker     X Kent, Boughton Aluph  
          William T Wanstall Boarder S 36   Gardener   X   Kent, Ashley  
70 Church Hill 1     Archibald Friend Head S 61   Living on his own means       London  
71 West View Cottage 1     Harriet Wakeling Head W   85 Living on her own means       Dorset, Milton  
          Harriet H Wakeling Daughter S   53 Retired Governess       London, Westminster  
72 Wakeling Cottage 1   4 William Bailey Head S 59   Agricultural Labourer   X   Kent, Shepherdswell  
73   1     Henry Coppen Head M 42   Carpenter     X Kent, Canterbury  
          Harriet Coppen Wife M   45         Kent, Dover  
          Edith H Coppen Daughter     9         Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Charles F Coppen Son   6           Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Edward E Coppen Son   2           Kent, Shepherdswell  
          Robert Holness Father-in-law   79           Kent, Deal